Haven Protocol Partners with Fio Protocol

Haven partners with FIO Protocol. FIO enables users to send and receive assets to and from addresses on branded domains. This makes transactions dramatically simpler. So in the future you’ll be able to receive payments and transfers and or make payment requests from an address like satoshi@haven as opposed to a long public addresses such as hvxy2t9TF4eOtFnGbEHR9c7noADoAU7KNfgXqfzFeCcQaFmrMvwbsSaUhEeGCDqFhgKmguZJVf4GSCkLwhz6qaPS2W11aWU2hd.

Additionally we’d like to also thank FIO for helping us to organize a Fio Foundation giveaway where users will be soon able to register their desired haven address.

We will keep the community updated on this registration process is available.

Haven believes this partnership and integration with FIO will help usher Haven Protocol forward into the hands of millions of users in the future and we are proud to partner with FIO on the integration of the haven FIO domain.

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