Haven Launches Network Analysis Tool

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of the Haven Network Analysis Tool! This statistical tool provides a detailed insight into how various aspects of Haven’s protocol are working in real time. 

You can use the tool by visiting https://network.havenprotocol.org/ or by clicking Network in the website footer.

In total, the tool shows three tabs and one overview:


– XHV 24-hour Moving Average Price

– XHV Live Circulating Supply

– xUSD Live Circulating Supply

– Current Haven Network Value


– Total Network Value

– Offshore Supply Inflation/Deflation Impact

– Spot and Moving Average Deviation by Percent

– Spot and Moving Average Deviation by Price

– Offshore Fees

– Circulating Supply of XHV and xUSD


– Spot Price

– Total Volume

– 24-hour High and Low

– 24-house Change

– All Time Highs in Price, Percentage and Date

– All Time Lows in Price, Percentage and Date


– Height

– Block Size limit

– Blockchain Size

– Difficulty 

– Transaction Count

This tool provides instant updates on the Haven network and a real-time look at the use of the first private stablecoin, xUSD. Future xAssets will be incorporated into this tool when they are launched on the network. This information will give users greater confidence about the status of Haven’s ecosystem of private assets. It will also give exchanges and coin metric websites an easy way to measure the growth of the network, and the impact xUSD exchanges have on circulating supplies of XHV and xUSD. 

As with everything we do, this tool does not impact the privacy of user  addresses, balances or transactions with XHV or xUSD. 

Special thanks to Haven contributor Goshiz for developing this data analysis tool for our community!

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