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Haven is a community led grassroots project that has not carried out an ICO or taken outside VC funding. In order to see organic sustainable development we rely on our growing and enthusiastic community to support the project. No matter what your skill set there’s likely a way you can help.


Being a pure Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency miners are the backbone of the network. Haven uses a unique variant of the Cryptonight mining algorithm- Cryptonight-Haven

Run your own node

An important part of the network infrastructure are the nodes. Running your own node helps decentralise and strengthen the network by making it more resilient to attack. It can be done very simply using either the CLI or desktop Vaults. It will take up a chunk of HD storage but affords users the following benefits:

  • No reliance on remote nodes being operational
  • No risk from any malicious activity from remote nodes
  • Every node added to the network gives all users higher levels of network security and resilience.

Instructions on running your own node can be found here:

For CLI:

For Desktop:

Write a review/article

We always welcome thoughtful analysis and critical thinking of the Haven project as these discussions often contribute to moving the project direction forward.

We have a ‘Community View’ page that includes a range of community created content to help anyone who’s new to Haven get a better understanding of the project. You can read it here:

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