Category - Exploit FAQ's

Given the understandable amount of questions and queries the exploit has raised an AMA was hosted by the Haven Protocol core team on Sunday 4th of July.

It is also expected that other AMA sessions may be organized to keep the communication between the core team and the community open and encourage a holistic approach to decision making.

It must be stressed that this is still a fluid situation. We want to be as transparent as possible, but for as long as there are bad actors and a changing landscape, some details remain classified. It is not possible to answer every question, and in places, we’ll be talking in generic terms about the kinds of solutions and progress.
For this reason, we will not be discussing the hackers themselves or any related details regarding the authorities.

Our primary goal is to serve the community, which means protecting the protocol. There will be difficult decisions along the way. No major decision will be taken without community consultation.

Our last report on the situation can be seen here:-

It’s also worth noting that investigations are still ongoing and new avenues are still being explored. As a result, it is possible that some of the details or plans discussed here will change.

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