Haven 2.0- Vault Quick Start Guide

 What happens now Haven 2.0 has launched?

The launch of Haven 2.0 has re-enabled users to carry out conversions between assets in the Haven Vaults. You can now convert between XHV, xUSD and all other assets including xBTC, xAU etc. Remember, XHV can only be converted to xUSD. And xUSD can be converted to all other assets on the Haven network.

Do I need to swap my coins?

No, you do not need to do anything with your coins. They will remain valid and will run on the same chain as before. 

What are the new fees and lock times?

xUSD unlock times and fees remain unchanged. However, as part of the Haven 2.0 improvements, we have amended the unlock times and fees for conversions between xUSD and other xAssets. There is now a standard 48 hour unlock period for all xAsset conversions and a flat 0.5% fees for all xAsset conversions.. The conversion fee also includes the std TX fee (based on Monero fee). 

The full guide can be found here:


TX TypeFeeFee CurrencyAmount BurntMiner RewardGov Wallet Reward
xUSD <> xAsset0.5%Sending Asset0.4%0.05%0.05%


A user converts 10 xUSD to xCNY
They pay 0.5% as a fee 10 x 0.5% = 0.05 xUSD fee

0.4% gets burnt leaving miner and gov wallet rewards split equally (0.05%)

Some handy links

Chainlink Price Feed: https://market.link/feeds/a5678ca5-3270-4e9a-8164-090e4ef7aac2

Explorer Supply: https://explorer.havenprotocol.org/supply

Explorer: https://explorer.havenprotocol.org/

Network Page: https://network.havenprotocol.org/

The Haven Vaults

The Web Vault

The web vault gets updated automatically and there is nothing you need to do other than make sure your browser cache has been cleared. You can check that you are running the latest version by clicking on the 3 dots top right hand corner. Next to Network it will say ‘Mainnet v.2.1.0’.

  • You can use your existing vault keys file and password to reopen the vault. 
  • Once the hard fork block height has been reached it will then allow you to carry out xAsset conversions. 
  • Up until then you can still safely store and send/receive assets in the vault.
  • Note that the oracle price feed is suspended until the hard fork. This means that the values for XHV and other xAssets will not display correctly. Your balance will also be incorrect but your coins are safe and the price feed will be restored at the time of the fork.

You can access the Web Vault here: https://vault.havenprotocol.org/#/

The Desktop Vault

You will need to download the latest version of the Desktop Vault in order to be able to carry out conversions after the fork. 

These can be downloaded here

You will be able to open your vault using existing login details.
Always remember to record your 25 word seed phrase before deleting and reinstalling a new vault. This will ensure you can always access your coins if there is any compatibility issue.

You can check that you are running the latest version by checking the 3 dots top right hand corner. In the Basic tab it will say Mainnet v.2.1.0 next to Network. You can use the Advanced tab to check the sync status.

The CLI Vault

The v2.1.0 CLI Vaults can now be downloaded and used on mainnet. They can be downloaded here and are available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Once you are running the v2.1.0 CLI it may be necessary to delete and regenerate a new wallet file for existing wallets. This is a very simple process and is caused by a compatibility issue.

  • Open and run the new havend version. Allow it to fully sync with the chain.
  • Open the CLI Wallet and open your existing wallet file. At this point you may get the following error message:
  • If you do, locate the relevant wallet file and delete it from your computer. Make sure not to delete the wallet file with the .keys extension as this will mean you’ll need to restore your wallet from seed. 
  • Once the wallet file has been deleted you can then re-open the wallet and using the same name it will regenerate a new wallet file for you. 
  • You can then continue to use your wallet as per normal.
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