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This page is for community created content. It will be a continuously evolving area to showcase the time and thought that some of our community members have put towards educating and informing others on the Haven Protocol.

We cannot take responsibility for any of the views or content accuracy but will always strive to support creative and informed content wherever possible. For anyone who would like to have their content included here we have a couple of guidelines to follow:

  • Keep it educational
  • No blatant shilling
  • Ensure content is up to date and relevant (no old logos etc please)

Twitter Threads

For the first posts of this new series we’ve added a couple of Twitter threads from @thetamind giving a thoughtful insight into the increasing awareness around privacy as well as the Haven network economics and how it might evolve in the future:


Another of our long term community members reached out to the Rebase Foundation and has put together a good introductory piece on why the need for Haven exists and a brief overview on the mechanisms that allow for the protocol to function while reducing manipulation:

A good introduction to Haven from Coinbureau.:

A detailed look at a broad range of aspects to the Haven Protocol from governance to inflation and some advantages of xUSD:

A well researched analysis of the project written as a submission for Messari’s Community Analyst Program:

Another great deep dive into Haven from one of Messari’s analysts:

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