Withdrawing from Bittrex

On April 4, 2022, Bittrex announced the delisting of the XHV/BTC trading pair stating that they would remove the market on April 15, 2022. Users will have until approximately May 15, 2022, to withdraw any remaining XHV from Bittrex.

When Bittrex was the dominant exchange, a lot of people in the Haven community directed crypto newcomers to this exchange. To help those people move their Haven off Bittrex, we’ve created this quick guide. Please share with anyone who you think might need help getting the XHV into a vault.

There are several options for users to continue holding their XHV:

This is an easy, step-by-step guide to show you how to withdraw XHV from Bittrex to the Haven Web Vault

Step 1. Create a Haven Vault

  • Add the name of your vault (this can be anything)
  • Enter your new password – remember to choose a good password that you will remember
  • Click Create

Step 2. Save your vault information

  • Click the save button and save your keys somewhere safe on your computer
  • Check the “I have saved my vault file to my device” check box
  • Click Next
  • Copy your Seed Phrase and keep it somewhere safe, this is how you get back into your vault IF YOU LOSE YOUR KEYS OR PASSWORD
  • Copy your Seed Phrase to your clipboard and then click Next
  • Paste your Seed Phrase and then click Confirm
  • Finally, confirm your password and click Submit

Step 3. Withdraw your funds

  • Click Transfer In the Haven Vault you created
  • Click receive and copy your address
  • Login to Bittrex with your username and password and authenticate using your selected method.
  • Click Holdings from the top menu
  • Find XHV from your balances and click Withdraw
  • When the pop-up appears copy the address you copied earlier in Step 3.
  • Click “Available to Withdraw” to withdraw all of your funds to the Haven Vault
  • Authenticate the withdrawal with your selected method and submit the withdrawal request.

That’s it, your funds are on their way to your Haven Vault. It will take around 30 minutes for your transfer to complete.

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