Expect Privacy

Haven Protocol is the world’s only network of private stable assets.

Built on Monero and including xUSD, the world’s first private stablecoin.
Haven Protocol will change the world by enabling users to hold crypto, in private, without the risk of volatility.


Your money, private and stable.

Times are changing. Banks are antiquated, and they’re too set in their ways to evolve. The opportunity is now. Take back control. Transact privately, securely and effortlessly. It’s your money, after all.


You have the right to financial privacy. Haven keeps your accounts, transactions and assets private.

No Middlemen
No Middlemen

All conversions and transfers are performed in-vault. No counterparties and no middlemen, giving you unrivaled control and security.


Haven provides a range of synthetic fiat currencies and digital assets, enabling commerce and portfolio diversification.

Community Owned
Community Owned

Since the beginning, Haven has been led by a grassroots community of crypto enthusiasts.


Buy. Store. Trade. Explore

Using Haven is easy. You probably know the ropes already. And if you don’t, don’t worry: our guides will get you to where you need to be.

Web Vault

The fastest and simplest way to get started.

Knowledge Base

Understand the protocol further.


Take a deep dive into Haven.


Join the conversation.


Flexible with more features.

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“The single biggest, most disruptive, technology that could come out of crypto is a decentralized privacy focused stablecoin. That is the holy grail.”

Mitchell Nicholson – Former Canadian Central Bank Economist

Join our community

Find out more about the project, the tokenomics and how to get involved.

Find out more

Once you’ve got the basics, you can take a deep dive into how Haven works and the maths behind it in the Whitepaper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get you started we’ve put together a short guide on 3 of the most commonly asked questions when people discover Haven Protocol for the first time.

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