Private Money

Haven is an ecosystem of untraceable assets that enables users to convert between volatile assets and stable currencies directly within their vault, with complete privacy.

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An offshore bank,
without banks.

Haven (XHV) enables anyone, anywhere, to convert, store and transfer assets directly from their vault –– without middlemen, custodians or third-parties.


Haven is based on Monero giving every asset within the ecosystem world class privacy.


Haven provides a range of synthetic fiat currencies and digital assets, enabling commerce and portfolio diversification.


Haven enables you to store, convert and transact in the form of money you prefer whether it’s xUSD, xCNY, xAU (Gold) or xBTC (Bitcoin).


There’s no governing entity, users or group defining exchange rates.


An open-source, community-led project that hasn’t received any initial funding.

Infinite Liquidity

No limits for converting between all supported xAssets within the vault.

Low Fees

Transfers cost fractions of a cent, making it one of the cheapest protocols on the market.

No Middleman

All conversions and transfers are done on-chain, with no counterparties or middlemen.

Financial Privacy

Transactions and conversions cannot be linked or traced, providing ultimate privacy.

Simple & Intuitive

You don’t need to be a computer scientist to use Haven (XHV). We provide a range of different products handcrafted and tailored to any type of user.

Grassroots &
Community Led

Haven is an open source, self-sustainable technology, that is funded by a 5% block reward and offshore exchange fees.

No Premine

Haven has not premined any asset and doesn’t have any premine reserve or treasury.

No Venture Capital

Haven has not raised any venture capital and doesn’t have any intention of doing so.

No Initial Coin Offering

Haven has not and will not do an Initial Coin Offering to the public.

Ready. Set. Go.
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Haven Vault is where you can privately store, convert and transfer assets, or you can View All products for different operating systems.

Web Vault

For users who want the fastest and simplest way to get started.

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Desktop Applications

For users that want more security and features than the web vault.

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Command Line Interface

For developers and technically savvy users that know their way around a CLI.

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