Get Transfers


Returns a list of transfers.

Alias: None.


  • in – boolean; (defaults to false) Include incoming transfers.
  • out – boolean; (defaults to false) Include outgoing transfers.
  • pending – boolean; (defaults to false) Include pending transfers.
  • failed – boolean; (defaults to false) Include failed transfers.
  • pool – boolean; (defaults to false) Include transfers from the daemon’s transaction pool.
  • filter_by_height – boolean; (Optional) Filter transfers by block height.
  • min_height – unsigned int; (Optional) Minimum block height to scan for transfers, if filtering by height is enabled.
  • max_height – unsigned int; (Optional) Maximum block height to scan for transfers, if filtering by height is enabled (defaults to max block height).
  • account_index – unsigned int; (Optional) Index of the account to query for transfers. (defaults to 0)
  • subaddr_indices – array of unsigned int; (Optional) List of subaddress indices to query for transfers. (Defaults to empty – all indices)


  • in array of transfers:
    • address – string; Public address of the transfer.
    • amount – unsigned int; Amount transferred.
    • confirmations – unsigned int; Number of block mined since the block containing this transaction (or block height at which the transaction should be added to a block if not yet confirmed).
    • double_spend_seen – boolean; True if the key image(s) for the transfer have been seen before.
    • fee – unsigned int; Transaction fee for this transfer.
    • height – unsigned int; Height of the first block that confirmed this transfer (0 if not mined yet).
    • note – string; Note about this transfer.
    • payment_id – string; Payment ID for this transfer.
    • subaddr_index – JSON object containing the major & minor subaddress index:
      • major – unsigned int; Account index for the subaddress.
      • minor – unsigned int; Index of the subaddress under the account.
    • suggested_confirmations_threshold – unsigned int; Estimation of the confirmations needed for the transaction to be included in a block.
    • timestamp – unsigned int; POSIX timestamp for when this transfer was first confirmed in a block (or timestamp submission if not mined yet).
    • txid – string; Transaction ID for this transfer.
    • type – string; Transfer type: (one of “block”, “in”, “XUSD in”, “out” and “XUSD out”
    • unlock_time – unsigned int; Number of blocks until transfer is safely spendable.
  • out array of transfers (see above).
  • pending array of transfers (see above).
  • failed array of transfers (see above).
  • pool array of transfers (see above).


$ curl -d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":"0","method":"get_transfers","params":{"in":true,"account_index":1}}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json'{  "id": "0",  "jsonrpc": "2.0",  "result": {    "in": [{      "address": "hvxy5mxT87WWDCfsAYYEtq9K8KNbPTRaEd2nKgLgPN3qP5PpH1AaJ6TaYYec9L2hKZGpuxQ4uZ4tkFFLxjaLHVAY7QZoBmW3g2",      "amount": 200000000000,      "confirmations": 1,      "double_spend_seen": false,      "fee": 21650200000,      "height": 153624,      "note": "",      "payment_id": "0000000000000000",      "subaddr_index": {        "major": 1,        "minor": 0      },      "suggested_confirmations_threshold": 1,      "timestamp": 1535918400,      "txid": "c36258a276018c3a4bc1f195a7fb530f50cd63a4fa765fb7c6f7f49fc051762a",      "type": "in",      "unlock_time": 0    }]  }}
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