Protocol Networks

Haven Protocol facilitates three separate networks and blockchains: Mainnet, Stagenet and Testnet

Each blockchain has its own genesis block and operates entirely separately from the others. Mining, transactions, and conversions that take place on one chain, do not appear on the others.

Mainnet is the only live network where coins have value. Testnet and Stagenet are run for testing purposes. These networks can be accessed by using testnet or stagenet GUIs, or running other binaries with the tags –testnet or –stagenet.

Let us examine how these networks differ from each other.


Mainnet is the “production” network and blockchain. This is the “live” network, where coins have value.


Stagenet is a staging environment (stage). It is designed to replicate the mainnet environment as closely as possible. This is where builds and updates can be tested, in an environment that closely resembles Mainnet, before being deployed for general use.

In order to mimic the mainnet, the stagenet chain is also managed much like Mainnet itself. It won’t be reset, like that in testnet, and it will include mining pool software and forks. It is easy for anyone to run their own stagenet node and mine it due to the low difficulty and relatively short chain length. 

To get started:

  1. Use stagenet GUI, or point CLI to –stagenet to connect to
    2. or
  1. Check the stagenet explorer here

Stagenet was introduced in October 2021 as part of the Haven 2.0 release.


Testnet is predominantly for developers. Normal users looking to test the protocol should use the stagenet.

Testnet is the “experimental” sandbox where developers test new code. It is often reset, and forked, when needed by developers.

To get started:

  • Build Haven Protocol from our Github here
  • Connect your GUI or CLI to –testnet 
  • Check the testnet explorer here

Private Testnet

You can also create your private version of the testnet.

Private testnet gives more flexibility to configure a network for specific tests or situations.

Haven Network addresses

It is important to note that the addresses between each Haven network have their own unique first 3 or 4 digits.

NetworkAddress Format
Mainnet sub-addresshvs…….
Testnet sub-addresshvts…….
Stagenet sub-addresshvss…….


You should always check the address to confirm which network you are on BEFORE making any transactions. DO NOT send mainnet coins to a testnet address for example, you will lose them.

More details on the Haven address formats can be found here

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