Transaction Commands

This list gives you all the commands required to carry out any transaction using the CLI Vault.

Onshore/Offshore (XHV<>xUSD) Transactions

Send XHV: transfer address xhv_amount

Send xUSD: offshore_transfer address xUSD_amount

Convert XHV to xUSD: offshore address xhv_amount

Convert xUSD to XHV: onshore address xUSD_amount

xAsset Transactions

Convert xUSD to any xAsset:

xusd_to_xasset address xusd_amount asset_type

Example: xusd_to_xasset hvxxt000000000000000 100 xbtc

Convert xAsset to xUSD:

xasset_to_xusd address xusd_amount asset_type

Example: xasset_to_xusd hvxxt000000000000000 100 xbtc

Send any xAsset:

xasset_transfer address asset_amount asset_type

Example: xasset_transfer hvxxt000000000000000 100 xbtc

xAsset tickers

  • Bitcoin: xbtc
  • US Dollar: xusd
  • Gold: xau
  • Silver: xag
  • Euro: xeur
  • Chinese Yuan: xcny
  • British Pound: xgbp
  • Swiss Franc: xchf
  • Australian Dollar: xaud
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