Haven Foundation Announces $1,000,000 Donation

Today is an important day for the future of Haven. The Haven Foundation is announcing an anonymous donation of $1,000,000 to support the long-term development of Haven’s protocol and ecosystem of private assets. 

This anonymous donation was given to the Haven Foundation with no strings attached – only a request to grow the Haven ecosystem to support broader access to financial privacy tools all around the world. 

This marks the first time Haven has received any development resources outside of our small governance fee that has primarily funded Haven’s four core developers since January 2019. We consider this one of the most significant turning points in the history of Haven’s community-led development.  

The team is beginning an internal process to determine how best to deploy these funds over the long-term. We plan to consult with and involve the community regarding these decisions moving forward. But we can say with confidence these new funds will be used to support future development work, invest in the broader Haven ecosystem, and provide additional grants to privacy-focused entities.

As you know from our announcement of the Haven Foundation, we are also looking to fund other commercial applications that might not necessarily fit within the core protocol, but would drive value and utility to the protocol. Examples of this may include, loans, exchanges, fiat onramps and off-ramps such as debit cards. The Foundation will also prioritize efforts to move toward community ownership and determine how best to use these resources to completely decentralize, distribute ownership, and enable governance.

We’re thrilled to see the response to Haven’s progress over the last year. It is clear there are many supporters of the project who wish to advance Haven’s mission and grow our ecosystem of private assets into a world-class financial privacy solution. 

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