Cypher Stack Audit is in progress

As most of you are aware, Cypher Stack has been contracted by the Haven team to complete a full maths and code audit of the protocol, before the imminent Haven 2.0 fork. 

There has been good progress on this front and we are pleased to announce that Cypher Stack is already working on the final code audit.

To speed up the process, Cypher Stack were supplied with Release Candidate 3 (RC3), at the beginning of the month, knowing that minor changes were possible. RC4 will include several minor updates, but the core parts of the code that require the most attention in the audit remain unchanged.

By running the audit, testnet and stagenet in parallel, we intend to shorten the release schedule significantly.

Who are Cypher Stack 

Cypher Stack is a consultancy firm at the forefront of blockchain and distributed systems technology. They have a team of world-class cryptographers and developers with huge amounts of Monero experience, making them best placed to audit the Haven codebase.

Maths Audit

The first part of the audit was to sanity check the maths. This was completed by Cypher Stack at the end of September. This review ensures the design of the new Mint and Burn validation is cryptographically sound. Read the full cryptographic technical analysis below, for details on the approach we have taken to build Haven 2.0.

We are hugely grateful for the support from the Cypher Stack team, who have done incredible work in supporting the project.

Next Steps

Stagenet will go live shortly to minimize the delay between the completion of the audit and the fork. We will keep you updated on further progress.

Thanks again for all the hard work of the developers, team and community. We are now slotting the final pieces of the jigsaw together and look forward to getting Haven 2.0 live.

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