How to Convert to xAssets

An Overview of Haven’s Ecosystem

Haven Protocol has three primary asset classes that have specific relationships to each other.

Haven (XHV)

XHV is Haven Protocols’ primary currency. It is obtained on exchanges or by mining. It can only be converted into xUSD in the Haven Vault, it cannot be converted to other xAssets


xUSD is a synthetic representation of the real-world USD. It always holds the same value as USD within the Haven Vault. It can be converted to both XHV and xAssets


xAssets are synthetic representations of real-world assets, traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies, and other financial instruments. They hold the same value as their real-world counterparts within the Haven Vault. They can be converted to xUSD

Converting Assets in the Web Vault

The simplest way to convert between assets is in the Haven Web Vault. It takes thirty seconds to set up a conversion

  1. Open the web vault and click convert
  2. Choose the assets you wish to convert
    XHV can be converted to XUSD
    XUSD can be converted to XHV and xAssets
    xAssets can be converted to xUSD
  3. Enter the amount and click Preview
  4. Review the details in the confirmation pop-up
  5. Click Confirm

Tip – Locks times are necessary to prevent manipulation please check the knowledge base for more information

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