About the Vault File

When you log in to the Haven Vault, either as a new user or with a seed, you are given a Vault File. The vault has several benefits over alternative methods of verification.

  1. It is more secure than a username or password. 
  1. It’s easier to use than the 25-word seed.
  1. It contains data to help the vault run faster.
  1. It is portable. You can use this file on other devices. 

What is a Vault File

The Vault File is a key store. It is an encrypted version of your Haven Seed. It also contains the block height data.

Why does it contain Block Height Data?

The Haven blockchain was started in early 2018. Every transaction is stored in the chain, so the complete chain is over 35 Gb. When you log in to the vault, the sync will process the entire chain.
If the vault knows the block height at which the account was created, it doesn’t need to query the whole chain, only blocks since the creation date. 

Why is it more secure?

The Haven Vault File encrypted under your passphrase. This means an attacker would need the Vault file and your password to access your vault. 

What if I lose my vault file.

If you lose your vault file or password, you can restore your account from seed. Never lose your seed! 

Security considerations 

If you share you vault file and password – you are sharing access to your wallet. Do not be fooled into doing this. The most common scam is a phishing website. A hacker may create a site that looks like the Haven wallet and trick you into uploading your file. This would give them access to your funds.

Always make sure the website is genuine. Never click on links to a site from untrusted sources, emails, social media etc.

Can I get a new Vault File?

If you lose your vault file it is possible to download a copy of it from the settings page in the Haven Web Vault.

Somebody has stolen my vault file – what should I do.

They can’t use it without your password. But to minimise risk we’d recommend creating a new Vault and transferring funds from the old account.  

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