Converting Assets

Converting is the process of going between any of the supported Assets (including XHV).

Click on CONVERT.

There are two options for converting assets. Basic and Advanced.

Basic uses the longest unlock time and lowest fees available as a default.

Advanced allows users to select between the 4 available unlock times. Each option has a different fee structure applied to protect the network from manipulation.

HAVEN HINT: You can choose to convert in your own vault or convert and transfer to another vault. To convert to yourself enter your own address in the ADDRESS field or choose another address to convert to.

The “Advanced” option allows you to choose your unlock time. The unlock time refers to when you will next be allowed to convert the asset you are minting. In the example below you will need to wait 7 days before being able to convert your 646.35 xUSD back to XHV The longer the unlock time the lower the fees.

Simply insert how much XHV you would like to convert to xUSD or vice versa, and you will be shown how much xUSD you will be receiving and the price you will be offshoring at. Example shown below shows an offshore of 50XHV to 646.35 xUSD at the price of 1XHV=$12.93 with a 7 day unlock time.

Once complete click on PREVIEW to check the transaction details (including fees) before completing the conversion.

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