Assets in Circulation

About XHV Supply

All XHV in circulation is from one of two sources.

1. Mining, like any other proof-of-work cryptocurrency.

2. Minting, via the mint and burn mechanism that converts between xUSD and XHV at the current USD value. 

Because anyone can mint between assets at any time, the supply of XHV is elastic, fluctuating with each conversion. This, in turn, means that the maximum supply is uncapped. However, it is not infinite, as the quantity mined is restricted by the emissions schedule, and the quantity minted is capped by the availability of tradable assets.

xUSD and xAsset supply

All xAssets in the Haven ecosystem are derived from XHV, using a similar mint and burn mechanism. 

The total of this calculation is visible on the supply page:

Note: The supply data is not 100% accurate. See this post on “accuracy of circulation” for further details.

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