Using Sub-Addresses

When using the Haven vault you have the option to create sub-addresses. This can be useful for several reasons but there are a couple of important points to understand how to use them.

You can identify a sub address by the first 3 letters of the address. They will be hvs00000000000000000000....

Details on all Haven address formats can be found here

Sub Addresses can be useful if you want to separate out payments to an account. This could be for mining payments, contract work completed or anywhere you wish to keep separate records. You can make as many subaddresses as you need.

Using subaddresses allows you to use several different addresses under one wallet without anyone being able to link the addresses.

The following will outline the useful commands for managing subaddresses in the CLI vault. Your addresses have an index number that can be used to identify them. The main address is labelled 0 and any subaddresses will be labelled 1, 2, 3, etc

Create a new sub address: address new

You can also add a label to keep track of individual addresses by using the following: address new label

Example: address new mining or address new debitcard

You can view all addresses by using the following command: address all

It is important to note that sub-addresses are primarily used for receiving funds and being able to seperate out holdings for record keeping etc. When you send funds from your wallet it is not possible to define which partition (sub address) they get sent from.

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