Common Vault Commands

This list of Haven CLI Vault commands is not exhaustive. It covers many of the more commonly used and useful commands. For a full list of commands available you can type help into the console.

  • get_prices xusd_amount – gives you the amount of each asset you will receive for a given input of xUSD value.
  • rescan_bc – rescans the blockchain. It can be useful to push through any stuck/unconfirmed transactions.
  • show_transfers – use this to show all tx history or in combination with in out or pending to specify tx types.
  • version – this displays the vault version in use. Useful to check you are using the correct release.
  • seed – displays your seed phrase for checking or recording.
  • password – Use this command to change your password. You will enter it twice to confirm.
  • spendkey – Use this to display your private and public spendkeys. Requires password confirmation for security.
  • viewkey – Use this to display your private and public viewkeys. requires password confirmation for security.
  • wallet_info – Displays relevant info on vault including filename, description, address, type and network detail.
  • exit – Use this when shutting down the vault to maintain security and help prevent unauthorised access.

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