Haven Announces Launch of Four New Private Assets: xGOLD, xSILVER, xCNY, and xEUR

Today’s announcement is a significant milestone that our team has been waiting for since the beginning of Haven’s development. We are thrilled to announce a decision to launch four new private assets on Haven’s network: xGOLD, xSILVER, xEUR and xCNY.

After extensive discussion within our community and team, we’ve decided xGOLD, xSILVER, xCNY, and xEUR are the four most critical and practical private assets demanded by Haven users and investors around the world. As a result, these assets will be added live on Haven’s network shortly after the v0.16 upgrade is complete.

xGOLD and xSILVER will give Haven users the ability to privately store their wealth in assets that are safe and valuable as a hedge against economic uncertainty and global currency inflation. With xGOLD and xSILVER, anyone will be able to invest in a precious metal with complete privacy in the Haven ecosystem. All with a few clicks to exchange your assets in the Haven Vault.

xCNY and xEUR will create new opportunities for our growing community of Haven users, investors, and platforms in Europe and Asia. As the first currencies to be added to the network after xUSD, xCNY and xEUR will serve as a foundational asset for Haven’s ecosystem as we work to expand access to financial privacy all over the world.

As a team and community, we continue to discuss additional xAssets that may launch alongside xGOLD, xSILVER, xCNY, and xEUR and look forward to sharing additional announcements when they are ready.

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