Project Update October 2020

v0.16 Codebase Upgrade

Development work on the v0.16 codebase is almost complete, and testing is ongoing. This upgrade includes several protocol improvements including:

  • New xAsset conversion and transfer fee structure
  • Improvements to the daemon performance
  • Integration of new oracle provider

As this is a significant and important protocol upgrade, there will be several stages to the testing to ensure a smooth fork and subsequent running of the network: 

Stage 1: Closed Testnet using CLI

Stage 2: Integration of new fees/v0.16 into web vault backend and internal testing

Stage 3: Public release of web vault on testnet to run through all functionality prior to being released to mainnet

The main focus for this testnet will be to check the correct implementation and display of the new fees. We have not yet set a date for the fork. As testing concludes, we will need to provide mining pools and exchanges 2 to 3 weeks notice to implement these changes.

Project Management and Process Tracking

We are in the process of making some changes to the way the project is structured and organised. Thank you to @mattyk for coming onboard as a Delivery Manager and assisting the team with this process. 

The team originally used Trello for the majority of the dev related tracking but have moved over to Active Collab. This gives us much more visibility into the day-to-day tasks that each dev and team member are working on and will improve coordination and communications in the future.

Whitepaper Translations

Thank you to the Haven community members who have offered their language skills to translate the new Haven Whitepaper. We have Arabic and Chinese live on the website and are working on translations for Dutch, German, Russian and Spanish. Please feel free to reach out if you’re able to help with any other languages.

Ledger Hardware Wallet Integration

Ledger integration has been paused due to Ledger not accepting any further applications to be added to their platform. As far as we are aware this is being held until July 2021 but we will monitor the situation and aim to get Haven on Ledger as soon as possible.

Haven Wiki and new FAQs

Work is ongoing to complete the initial version of a Haven wiki and new expanded FAQs. This will provide a much more comprehensive resource for information about Haven that can be shared with new users and help us provide more streamlined support for the common questions that get asked.

Desktop Vault Update

Marty is busy working through the desktop vault backend in preparation for the codebase upgrade to v0.16 and new fees. This will be going through a testnet phase prior to release to ensure it is all working as it should and all known bugs have been eliminated. 

Oracle Providers

We have integrated a new oracle provider into the network as part of the protocol upgrade and they are being used in the ongoing testnet. We are also in talks with an additional oracle provider to further decentralise and ensure greater network resilience. More details will be shared once we’ve reached formal agreements with this provider.

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