Project Update December 2020

Another super busy month for the project with lots to report on:

Hard fork and Protocol upgrade to ‘Artemis’ 1.2.0

Following on from a successful testnet we have now carried out a hard fork to launch Haven ‘Artemis’ 1.2.0. This brings many upgrades to the codebase including an update to Monero v0.16. It allows us to lay the foundations for having multi-assets on the network as well as starting integration work on ThorChain cross-chain liquidity. It improves daemon and tx processing performance as well as letting us re-release the Web Vault with xUSD conversion functionality.


We are in the process of greatly expanding the backend infrastructure to help with scalability and service reliability. We are now able to deploy nodes in a short space of time to cope with spikes in user numbers. To increase censorship resistance and expansion of the network we are also in the process of deploying infrastructure in multiple regions of the world. We currently have the East Coast of the US with plans to add the UK soon and Asia in the near future. This will help users to always have a connection available regardless of location.

Web Vault Release

As mentioned above the Haven Web Vault has now been launched on mainnet. It allows anyone, anywhere the ability to store and transact within their own private digital vault. We have also implemented xUSD functionality to let users convert between XHV and xUSD from any device including mobile, tablet and desktop. The Web Vault can be accessed here: and there are Vault guides and tips in the new knowledge base.

Desktop Vault Upgrade

Following the fork we are currently working on getting the desktop vaults for Windows and MacOS upgraded and released. This is ongoing and should be complete very soon. We’ll keep everyone updated on progress.

Integration with ThorChain

We have made substantial progress with the Thor chain client. The development effort on both sides is progressing rapidly, and we will launch a fully functional integration early in the New Year.

The Thorchain collaboration is an essential part of Haven Protocol’s growth plan. It is a decentralised cross-chain liquidity network that will benefit XHV and eventually all xAssets. It will also provide ThorChain users access to a suite of private assets on the Haven network. 

You can follow our repo here:

Knowledge Base 

The knowledge base is now live on the Haven website here: This is a working and evolving part of the website and will provide users with an efficient way to find out more details on all aspects of the project. It will also allow the team and community to provide a simpler support network to new users by having links to all sections of the KB. There are many parts to this and we encourage anyone to put forward suggestions for content and feedback on existing items.

Listing on KuCoin

We are very pleased to have been listed on KuCoin with an XHV/USDT trading pair and would like to thank the generous community members who contributed to the cost of this. It is another important step forward for the project to help access and increase asset liquidity. It is also a strong statement of how our community view the importance of making Haven a long term success and not just a trendy ‘buzzword’ project that comes and goes within a few months.

Integration with Polarity

We’re excited to have started the listing process on the Polarity Exchange This integration brings many important benefits for users and we feel is a really good fit for the ethos of Haven. It utilises several benefits over traditional centralised exchanges including no KYC requirements as well as being non-custodial with users maintaining control over their keys (coins) at all times. They can execute fast trades and can utilise a market-making pool for both sides of the trading pair XHV : USDT to enhance liquidity and help maintain low spreads at all times. On top of this, they only charge $0.01 per trade regardless of size.

Website and WP translations

We now have multiple website and WP translations live and would like to thank all the community members who have taken the time to carry out these. Whitepapers can be found here:

en_GBEnglish (UK)