Haven Protocol Project Review 2020

2020 has been a very successful year for the project and was really about creating and launching the foundations for Haven’s growth and adoption. 

So with that in mind, we’ve put together a summary of what the Haven team and community have accomplished this year.

Exchange listings

This year has seen several new exchange listings and on/off ramps which has made access to Haven easier. We will continue to pursue additional listings that we feel have the potential to add value as the project continues to grow.

Tech Integrations and Partnerships

These integrations have been vital pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to improve Haven’s network security as well as expand utility and value to our users. We’ve seen a great deal of interest in Haven this year and are very pleased to have secured several important partnerships with other like minded projects:

Chainlink- Decentralized oracle price feed to ensure xUSD conversion rate accuracy and reliability.

Band Protocol- Multiple oracles will be essential as we grow the network to ensure reliability of service and to this end we are very pleased to have partnered with Band Protocol for a future integration. 

ThorChain- Integrating with ThorChain’s decentralized liquidity pools will provide Haven users additional liquidity for entering/exiting the network and the opportunity to earn yield on staking xUSD/XHV to their LPs. This partnership also gives Thor users access to Haven’s private asset ecosystem.

Polarity Exchange- This will be Haven’s first DEx integration and will provide many benefits to users including no KYC, low fees and maintaining control over your coins. It is due for completion early Q1 2021.

Travala- Our first commercial payment partner is one of the leaders in crypto friendly travel allowing users to pay for hotels, flights and more using XHV. This integration will be completed in Q1 2021.


It’s been a really busy year for the team with the mainnet launch of xUSD. We’re very pleased to have added two more members to the Haven crew:

Akil- has come onboard as a Junior c++ Developer initially learning the codebase and intricacies of Monero. He has since been working alongside neac on the ThorChain integration and will get more involved with coding as the project progresses.

Mattyk- joined the team as Delivery Manager and has been instrumental in co-ordinating operations between the developers, marketing and comms team. He brings a lot of experience with project management and has helped implement new project software as well as pushing forward the website development.

We are always interested in speaking to anyone who feels they have the skills or knowledge to contribute to the project. Please reach out to us on Twitter or Discord and come say hello.

Protocol Developments

2020 has seen a large number of really important developments in the protocol that have ultimately been crucial to making the “offshore” component of Haven’s code work reliably and securely. 

Some of the major protocol milestones include:

Mainnet launch of xUSD Over a year of development work led to the July launch of xUSD, the world’s first (and only) truly private stablecoin, on Haven’s mainnet.

Finalizing “Proof-of-Value” mathsAllows for the secure and reliable conversion rate when swapping between assets.

Open sourcing the offshore codebase We always intended that, once complete, the offshore codebase would be made open source to allow more people to audit and verify the authenticity and strength of our work. It also allows for anyone to take the code and build on top of the Haven base to further expand the network.

Foundation for CryptoNote-based coloured coins We are very pleased to have completed work on the world’s first CryptoNote based coloured coin implementation. This means that in the future virtually any asset could be added to Haven’s network. The next phase due in Q1 2021 will include Gold, Silver, Euro and Chinese Yuan.

New oracle deployment method The oracle deployment has been redeveloped to ensure that a secure reliable price feed is always available to the network.

Creation of method to allow for circulating supply transparency During Haven’s development process, it was decided that it would be important to ensure xAsset supply transparency for a number of reasons. These details can be found in our revised Whitepaper.

Implementation of new fee structure to allow for xUSD conversions A new conversion fee structure has been implemented to help protect and incentivise correct usage of the network and to make it costly for manipulation attempts.

Upgrade to Haven ‘Artemis’ 1.2.0 including Monero v0.16 The launch of Haven ‘Artemis’ brought several upgrades to the codebase and allows for coding work to be completed and deploy multiple assets to Haven’s mainnet.   

User Experience

New Desktop and Web Vaults The team spent several months designing and refining a suite of custom-built Haven Vaults and network products which have now been deployed to mainnet. These allow users a range of options to access, store and convert XHV ad xAssets in complete privacy. 

Network analysis tool The network analysis tool gives a real time look at all the vital Haven network stats including supply, spot/MA pricing, asset conversion, and much more. 

Website Knowledge Base The knowledge base is now live on Haven’s website and is an ongoing development that will provide support to users as well as provide information on many aspects of the project.

Project Developments

Slow Mist security audit As an important part of gaining legitimacy and providing reassurances to our users and investors, we had an independent third party code security audit carried out. We are very pleased to have passed the audit.

Publish Haven Whitepaper v3.0 The updated Haven Whitepaper includes many of the developments listed above and provides a detailed overview of the work that has gone into creating and launching xUSD to mainnet. 

Creation of the Haven Foundation In order to serve and help facilitate network growth the team decided to establish a foundation. Based in the Caymans, the foundation will be used to provide support and funding to Haven projects and support the cause of providing financial privacy and autonomy to as many people as possible.

Haven merchandise store The Haven merch store has been set up to help promote the project and give supporters the opportunity to buy Haven baby bibs. 


Last but by no means least, none of the above would mean anything without our passionate and active community. Members of Haven’s growing community have contributed to the continued success of the project doing everything from writing articles and creating videos to testing the protocol and supporting the network. All of these activities have made a big difference in our efforts to launch xUSD and introduce the world to Haven.

Several community members have also given their time to help out by adding content to the Knowledge Base and writing multiple translations of our Whitepaper and website.

We have now reached over 7,000 followers on Twitter and have active communities on Telegram and many other platforms. 

It goes to show that if we keep building and demonstrating why there is a legitimate need for Haven, over time more and more people will discover this project and get involved.

Thanks for everyone’s support! Here’s to a productive and successful 2021!

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