Community Initiatives

This section is intended to give visibility to community initiatives that help promote the ethos and project of Haven Protocol.

Disclaimer: Haven Protocol does not endorse or claim to have any affiliation whatsoever with any of the projects/products listed in this section. Whilst we will endeavour to check the legitimacy of these we cannot take any responsibility for any loss or issues caused by the use of the products or projects listed below. User’s are encouraged to carry out their own research and only use them if they deem them to be fit for purpose.– Havex combines an xUSD p2p trading pool with an in-depth Haven chain analysis tool for tracking a wide range of stats and usage within the network. Created by one of Haven’s long term community members it is useful for anyone who wants to keep track as the Haven network grows and matures. More features will be added over time and you can reach out to its creator here:– This community built website tracks the live Onshore and Offshore VBS values, the state of the protocol (as shown in the Haven Vault app), and all conversions since release of Haven 3.0.– This community built website tracks the live spot prices and market cap of all Haven assets and includes the dominance of each one by % of the ecosystem.

Please reach out to have your project considered for addition to this section.

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