Project Timeline

You can also view our current roadmap and future project plans.

This is an overview of the major project milestones since it began in early 2018.

Jan 2018 – Haven concept launched.

Feb 2018 – Mainnet genesis block mined.

April 2018 – Listed on TradeOgre and Bittrex exchanges

Jan 2019 – Having failed to deliver a secure working product, a group of Haven community members took over the project with the aim of delivering the world’s first private stablecoin. You can read the details of how this came about here

May 2019 – First testnet of Haven on Monero rebase (v0.14)

June 2019 – Mainnet fork rebase onto Monero update to include Bulletproofs and other upgrades

Sept 2019 – New web vault launched on testnet

Oct 2019 – First Offshore testnet launched and new web wallet launched on mainnet

Nov 2019 – Listed on Abra

Dec 2019 – Listed on Citex and VCC exchanges

Jan 2020 – xUSD launched on private testnet

Feb 2020 – Integrate Chainlink oracle feed for XHV vault exchange pricing

March 2020 – xUSD launched on public testnet including testing of new daemon and visible xUSD and XHV supply

April 2020 – New desktop vault on testnet

May 2020 – Final offshore code testing complete

June 2020 – Open source offshore codebase

July 2020 – xUSD launched onto mainnet and launch new desktop vault onto mainnet

Sept 2020 – Launch plan for Haven Foundation

Oct 2020 – Listed on BKEX exchange / Integrate Band Protocol oracle into price feed

Dec 2020 – Upgrade codebase to Monero v0.16 and launch Haven ‘Artemis’ v 1.2.0

Feb 2021 – Announcement of Haven Debit Card

March 2021 – xAssets Testnet live / Listing on Coinex exchange / Incorporation of Haven Protocol Foundation

April 2021 – Launch of xAssets to mainnet (xEUR, xCNY, xAU, xAG)

May 2021 – Launch of 2nd phase of xAssets to mainnet (xBTC, xCHF, xGBP, xAUD) / ThorChain testnet integration

June 2021 – Launch of Haven WooCommerce Plugin / xAsset exploit takes place and conversions are disabled

July 2021 – Community vote on hard fork and chain rollback to mitigate impact of exploit. Extensive re-write of conversion code as well as a series of penetration testing, maths reviews and security audits take place ready for launch of Haven Protocol 2.0

Sept 2021 – Listed on Changelly PRO / Launch public testnet of Haven 2.0

Oct 2021 – Launch $100k Haven Bug Bounty Program / Integration of XHV into Cryptocurrency Checkout platform

Nov 2021 – Launch of Haven 2.0 to mainnet / Launch of new website

Dec 2021 – Launch xUSD/USDT and xUSD/XMR trading pairs on Polarity

Jan 2022 – Tokenomics update proposal accepted by community vote. To be implemented via hard fork in Feb 2022.

Feb 2022 – Hard fork to upgrade network to Haven v2.2. Community vote to carry out dev work for a wrapped token. Initiate new governance process based on a Haven Council.

March 2022 – THORChain code merge request submitted. Launch integration of Haven infrastructure onto FLUX decentralized platform.

April 2022 – Launch of Haven xAssets on Cake Wallet.

June 2022 – Conversions paused due to XHV hyper-inflationary risk.

Oct 2022 – Tokenomics update proposal accepted by community vote. Haven 3.0 to be implemented via hard fork.

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