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This is an overview of the major project milestones since it began in early 2017.

Jan 2017 – Haven concept launched

Jan 2018 – Having failed to deliver a secure working product, a group of Haven community members took over the project with the aim of delivering the world’s first private stablecoin.

April 2018 – Listed on TradeOgre and Bittrex exchanges

May 2019 – First testnet of Haven on Monero rebase (v0.14)

June 2019 – Mainnet fork rebase onto Monero update to include Bulletproofs and other upgrades

Sept 2019 – New web vault launched on testnet

Oct 2019 – First Offshore testnet launched and new web wallet launched on mainnet

Nov 2019 – Listed on Abra

Dec 2019 – Listed on Citex and VCC exchanges

Jan 2020 – xUSD launched on private testnet

Feb 2020 – Integrate Chainlink oracle feed for XHV vault exchange pricing

March 2020 – xUSD launched on public testnet including testing of new daemon and visible xUSD and XHV supply

April 2020 – New desktop vault on testnet

May 2020 – Final offshore code testing complete

June 2020 – Open source offshore codebase

July 2020 – xUSD launched onto mainnet and launch new desktop vault onto mainnet

Sept 2020 – Launch plan for Haven Foundation

Oct 2020 – Listed on BKEX exchange / Integrate Band Protocol oracle into price feed

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