Daemon Command-List

This list, although not exhaustive, gives users the most commonly used commands in the Haven daemon (havend).

help – This gives the full list of commands availble to use in the Haven daemon.

start_mining – Start mining to a specific address. The full command is start_mining hvx........

stop_mining – Stop mining.

pop_blocks – This command knocks top blocks off your sync and can help with stuck syncs if a bad block has been found. You need to define the number of blocks to pop and this will vary according to your needs. The full command would be pop_blocks 100 to remove the last 100 blocks and restart the sync process.

status – gives current daemon status including sync status, connections and network mining hash.

Example: Height: 877723/877723 (100.0%) on mainnet, not mining, net hash 42.71 MH/s, v16, 8(out)+9(in) connections, uptime 0d 0h 10m 31s

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