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Proving that you paid a 3rd party

There may be occasions where you need to prove a payment has been made to a merchant or that you’ve made a refund on a returned purchase. Due to Haven’s privacy you cannot just point to a transaction ID on the blockchain to see who sent it or how much was sent (as you could with Ethereum or Bitcoin). There are a couple of simple steps to follow to allow for ‘proof of sending’ when using Haven.

To retrieve a transaction key use the following command: get_tx_key tx_id and add the relevant tx id.

Example: get_tx_key E12a3908bjbJb........

NOTE: The payment may have been split into more than a single transaction so it may be necessary to retrieve more than one tx key.

By sending the tx key, receiving address and tx id to the recipient you can prove the transaction.

If you are the person wanting to confirm payment use the following command: check_tx_key txid txkey address

Example: hvxy............................................. received 9.500000000000 XHV in txid <7470b..........................................>

This transaction has 126 confirmations

Finding a payment to you

Use the following command to check incoming transactions to an address: show_transfers in

If you know the block number a transaction was processesd at you can specify searching for transfers from a particular height.

Use the following command for this: show_transfers in block_height

Using Subaddresses for payments

It is suggested that you use separate subaddresses to recieve funds. It will help manage and track movement of funds whilst mainting account privacy.

You can create a new subaddress with a label by using the following command: address new label

Example: address new customer0001

By using this method you can create a new subaddress for each customer if required.

There are a couple of other useful commands for checking account details:

address all displays all primary and subaddresses for an account.

balance detail displays all balances separated out per address.

HAVEN HINT: You can tell the difference between primary and subaddresses by the first 3 digits of the address. Primary addresses always start hvx... and subaddresses begin with hvs...

All details on Haven address formats can be found here

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