Governance Wallet- Address and view key

As part of the move towards a more transparent and open project structure we have opened access to the Governance wallet. This will be used to administer project funding to pay for bounties and other project costs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The governance wallet is only able to display incoming transactions due to the way view-only wallets work. It will not necessarily show the correct balance as all outgoing transfers will not be displayed. The actual project costs will be detailed in our planned quarterly treasury reports.

The governance wallet can be viewed using the CLI wallet only. The CLI for Windows, MacOS and Linux can be downloaded here.

NEW Governance wallet address and view key (valid since HF23, block 1656000, July 2024):

  • hvxy6k7fN9k1cG8N5iabCu5Ts6pJ5E9fGDb9qw1b8zEvJECN5tAewry3TjKR3AqinZT9eDDYnXLVN1FZ65cQVAjq2BoBrRDErR
  • f0c2fdcf59c62a5989fd55533b619a0b2b174834b8d7b8f482957fa4ed09f208

OLD Governance wallet address and view key (PLEASE DO NOT SEND FUNDS TO THIS ADDRESS):

  • hvxyAvVZaz19FzURQfXHHpVqoJF7baXVm4A6FvqFm7wq95vveSitDGWWaxdxR5MFW6BPJDBgkYjp9aUuYurQWZHx2pL5jPTXgH
  • e7481976cc225f61abe4f9dda86236729dd511b6f7b552de9a6b17fa40c9ee02

You can generate a view-only wallet in the CLI by following this guide:

  • MacOS:/Users/Username/file-location/haven-wallet-cli --generate-from-view-key <new wallet name>
  • Windows: C:\file-location>haven-wallet-cli.exe --generate-from-view-key <new wallet name>

Replace <new wallet name> with your chosen wallet name. Also ensure you use the up to date wallet and daemon version.

You will then be asked to enter the address and view key:

Standard address: hvxyAvVZaz19FzURQfXHHpVqoJF7baXVm4A6FvqFm7wq95vveSitDGWWaxdxR5MFW6BPJDBgkYjp9aUuYurQWZHx2pL5jPTXgH

Secret view key: e7481976cc225f61abe4f9dda86236729dd511b6f7b552de9a6b17fa40c9ee02

Press Enter.

You will then be prompted to enter and confirm a new password:

Enter a new password for the wallet:

Confirm password:

You will then be asked to specifiy a restore height. If you’re unsure then enter 0.

Restore from specific blockchain height (optional, default 0): 0

You will then be asked if you wish to start background mining. This is not necessary for using the view wallet.

The wallet will then sync with the network.

IMPORTANT: In order to display the full suite of assets in the balance you will need to perform the following commands in the CLI wallet:

Input the following: set refresh-type full

You will be asked to confirm your password.

Then enter the following: rescan_bc

This will rescan the entire chain before displaying the full suite of assets held in the wallet.

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