Web Vault – Quick Start Guide

Using the Vault for the first time

These notes are intended to give Haven Web Vault users further details on storing their wealth efficiently and securely. Please read these and ensure you understand how the Vault works as an important step towards becoming your own bank.

Further details on how to use vault features can be found in the knowledge base.

How to Access the Haven Vault

Web vault is available here: https://vault.havenprotocol.org

It is critical that you only ever input your account details into this web page. Scammers may try and make you click on links that look like this. Only ever type this URL into your browser. Never trust any links.

We recommend saving this address in your bookmarks. 

Important Background

For enhanced security, this application stores and processes blockchain data on your device. When you restore a vault from a seed (25-word phrase) the relevant data will download with the first sync.

This sync can take up to 2 – 3 hours. The specific sync time will depend on your device and connection performance.

You can avoid this by creating a new wallet and transferring your funds to it. (either from an exchange or with a CLI Vault).

Future syncs will be faster; as long as you log in with the vault file supplied. This is because the vault file includes block height information that will reduce the amount of data required. Also, your browser will store the data on your local drive. 

HAVEN HINT: We recommend that you follow these steps to preserve sync data for future use:-     

  1. Don’t clear site or session data from your browser
  2. Ensure your browser isn’t configured to automatically remove site or session data after use. 
  3. Don’t use private or incognito browsing modes

Before you start a sync:-

  1. Please close all non-essential tabs and applications. Although the application doesn’t need to store all of the data it downloads, it does process it, so it’s worth freeing up as much memory as possible. Especially in your browser.
  2. Mobile users should be aware that additional costs may be incurred due to the amount of data being downloaded. Check with your service provider if you’re unsure.
  3. Screen savers, sleep mode as well as some power management settings can stop or slow sync times. Check your device settings.

Device-specific advice

Desktop Chrome Browsers: Chrome will automatically discard data from tabs, in the background, if those tabs aren’t in use. You can disable this by visiting: chrome://discards/ and selecting X in “auto discard” against vault. havenprotocol.org. Keeping your tab active will help speed up sync.

Safari users– Power saving mode means that the vault won’t sync in the background. You may need to keep your window active.

Mobile devices: Mobile phones and browsers have a lot of power and memory management features that may prevent the sync from being stored or processed in the background.

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