Haven 2.0 is Live!

Haven 2.0 – We Have Lift Off

On 18th November 2021 Haven Protocol successfully completed a hard fork to v2.0.0. Code-named “Haven 2.0” this fork initiated a host of updates and improvements to the code base that ensures a secure and robust protocol for the future.

The response and support for the protocol has been unwavering. During the entire recovery process, the community has been patient and supportive, offering their input throughout. So on behalf of all holders and the network – Thank you. 

With a community like ours, the future of financial privacy looks indisputable.

xAssets are BACK!

We made history when we launched xUSD – The world’s first and only private stable coin.

We made history when we launched xBTC – The world’s first and only private synthetic Bitcoin.

We brought all this back to life; giving anyone, anywhere in the world the ability to convert to a selection of price-tracking cryptocurrencies using the privacy of the Haven network. 

Nothing in the crypto space competes with this. The privacy and stability offered by xAssets is a game-changing innovation that means your crypto-financial information is shared only if you want it to be.

Haven 2.0 launch details

Haven 2.0 has been released by deploying a hard fork to the original Haven code. This took place at block 973400 (~11:00am GMT Thursday 18th November 2021). 

Haven 2.0 is an upgrade to the code, not the blockchain, so holders do not need to do anything with their existing coins.

Haven 2.0 Guides and FAQ’s

To find answers to common questions about the Haven vaults and fork please visit the Haven 2.0 Quick Start Guide – here

For a more detailed overview of Haven 2.0 please visit the Haven 2.0 guide page – here

Please note: Vault files generated in older software may not be compatible with Haven 2.0 if you experience any difficulties please, visit the quick start guide mentioned above.

This is your protocol.

Haven is instrumental for the future of financial privacy, and with the fork behind us, we can focus on growth and adoption. We have all played a part in the success of the protocol so far. and with continued support from the community, the future of financial privacy has never looked better.

Keep sharing the Haven message!

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