In order to provide user security and confidence for anyone to use Haven we have implemented a fee structure. This ensures that any attempts at large scale manipulation of the price will come at a cost both in terms of actual fees as well as time to unlock the money.

The current fee structure is laid out below.

The chart shows all the different types of transactions available to a user within the network. There are different fees and fee currencies depending on the transaction made.

Transaction type fee chart

Transaction TypeFee TypeFee Payable in:Unlock Time
XHV TransferStandard TX FeeXHV~20 mins (10 blocks)
xUSD TransferStandard TX FeexUSD~20 mins (10 blocks)
xAsset TransferStandard TX FeexAsset being sent~20 mins (10 blocks)
XHV to xUSD ConversionStandard TX Fee + Conversion FeeXHVVariable depending on fee paid
xUSD to XHV ConversionStandard TX Fee + Conversion FeexUSDVariable depending on fee paid
xUSD <> xAsset ConversionStandard TX Fee + Conversion Fee of 0.5%xUSD (for xUSD > xAsset)
xAsset (for xAsset > xUSD)
~48 hrs (1440 blocks)

To allow for a simpler transfer and conversion method, the fees are payable in the sending currency. For example, a user does not have to have an XHV balance in their vault in order to send xUSD and vice versa. This eliminates one of the issues commonly associated with DeFi products whereby you have to have a balance of one token in order to send another.

Standard TX fees– These are the standard transaction fees that are paid to the miners on the Haven network. These are based on the same scale as standard Monero transaction fees. 5% of this currently goes to the governance wallet for paying the developers as well as listings, infrastructure and marketing costs. These are the only fees payable on transfers.

For regular transfers of XHV or xAssets, only the standard transaction fees apply. These can vary but are usually fractions of a cent or XHV and are based on the Monero fee structure. Details of this can be found here

XHV <> xUSD Conversions

Conversion fees– These fees are paid to the Haven governance wallet whenever a user makes a conversion between XHV and xUSD. The fee paid can vary considerably and depends on the unlock time chosen for the transaction.

For conversions between XHV and xUSD the fees are expressed as a % of the amount being converted and can vary as per the table below:

Unlock Time (Hours)PriorityUnlock Time (Blocks)Fee as a % of conversion

Example: A conversion of 1000 xUSD to XHV using a priority 2 unlock (approx 48 hrs) would cost:

1000 x 0.05 = 50 xUSD exchange fee (+ std tx fee)

Why the big difference in fees?

An important part of maintaining network security and pricing integrity is by using a  moving average in conjunction with a fee proportional to the size of the transaction.

If you want a faster transaction then you have to pay a higher % of the amount converted. As the table above shows, it can range from 20% right down to 0.2% for the slowest transaction time.

This has been implemented to reduce incentives for bad actors to attempt market price manipulation in order to gain financially as the cost of doing so makes it less viable.

NOTE: The conversion rate and therefore the fees are locked in at the time of the transaction confirmation not when the block is mined. This eliminates any potential slippage and ensures the user knows exactly what they will receive and the fees to be paid.

xUSD <> xAsset Conversions

Conversion fees– There are fees payable on conversions between xUSD and all other xAssets. This is a flat fee of 0.5% of the amount converted plus the std transaction fee. The fees for these are payable in the sending currency so that users do not require additional currencies in their balance. So for converting from xBTC -> xUSD you would pay the fees in xBTC. The unlock time for these transactions are all ~48 hours (1440 blocks).

80% of the xAsset conversion fees are burnt (destroyed) to help limit any inflationary impact by reducing the circulating supply. The remaining 20% is split between the governance wallet and miners as per below:

  • 0.5% total fee with 0.4% getting burnt
  • 0.1% remaining gets split evenly between miners and gov wallet (0.05% to each)
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