Generate a view-only vault

Step 1:

Open the Haven CLI interface and restore your vault from the seed phrase. There is no requirement to be connected to the internet or have the daemon running to carry out this process. Instructions on restoring your vault can be found here

Step 2:

Once the vault is open type the following command: viewkey

This will display your secret and public view keys as shown below:

Then type address to get your haven address. 

You will need the address and secret view key to create your view only vault.

The worst that can happen if someone steals your view key is that they can see how much you have in an account. They cannot spend it.


You can then safely create a new vault on an internet connected computer by using the following command:

MacOS and Linux: ./haven-wallet-cli --generate-from-view-key yourwalletname

Windows: \haven-wallet-cli.exe --generate-from-view-key yourwalletname

Replace yourwalletname with your chosen wallet name.

Follow the prompts to enter your address and create a new password.


Once open you can use the balance command to view your balance as well as show_transfers to show the incoming transfers related to that account. 

NOTE: You are not able to view any outgoing transactions. The balance will also be incorrect if you have any outgoing transactions. To verify outgoing transactions you will need to create a full vault using your seed.

It should be used for vaults with INCOMING transactions only.

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