Project Update May 2021

New xAssets on Mainnet

This month saw the launch of the next phase of xAssets to Haven’s mainnet. This was another very important step forward to increasing network utility. The addition of multiple fiat currencies increases global awareness and allows users and businesses  to integrate the Haven WooCommerce Plugin (now live) and accept multiple currencies.

In addition, the first crypto pegged asset, xBTC, has been added giving anyone in the world the ability to have exposure to Bitcoin’s price movements from their own private Haven Vault with no counterparty risk or conversion slippage.

In addition to XHV, xUSD, xCNY, xEUR, xAU (Gold), xAG (Silver) you can now transact or store your wealth in the following:

  • – xBTC – Bitcoin
  • – xAUD – Australian Dollar 
  • – xCHF – Swiss Franc 
  • – xGBP – British Pound 
  • – xJPY – Japanese Yen

Want to find out more about what xBTC brings to the network and the larger crypto space? Read about it here:

THORChain Integration Update

Work continues on integration with THORChain and good progress is being made with several major steps now complete on mocknet, including:

  • Ability to send and receive XHV, xUSD or any xAsset to another chain
  • Ability to deposit or withdraw XHV, xUSD or any xAsset liquidity to/from any pool.*

*Withdrawals from Asgardex vault TSS signing. This is still in progress but should be complete this week. 

This will finalise the core part of the integration. Once tested, we’ll be able to submit this code to THORChain for review and release. 

In parallel, we are building an Asgardex wallet integration. We expect this to be complete around the same time as the Bifröst chain client, which is required to make Haven usable within the Asgardex wallet.

For clarity, THORChain wallets each require their own integration. Once this planned development is live, Haven users will be able to initiate swaps and provide liquidity directly from the Haven CLI. In addition, Asgardex wallet will give a simpler user interface. Given the fast-moving nature of the environment, the team is considering a range of additional THORChain wallets, which will be prioritized based on benefits to the project.

Woocommerce Plugin

Following feedback from WordPress and testers, a range of updates were required to the Haven Payments Plugin. These have now been complete and the plugin is now available to any wordpress users, via:-

The Path Ahead

As the project continues to grow and evolve we have now laid out the plans to strengthen and further decentralize the project. Having successfully gone through the launch and startup phases we are now focused on growth and adoption. All the details can be found here:


Forming the backbone of the ‘Path Ahead’ plan, the Haven Protocol Foundation exists to serve the project’s needs from both a financial and growth perspective. Discussions are currently ongoing on the best way to achieve this and to set up the foundation’s structure and membership accordingly.

More details will be shared and opened up for community discussion once a broad framework has been established.

Vault Updates 

All Haven vaults including CLI, Desktop and Web have undergone major architecture upgrades and are now available with support for all available xAssets.  Links to all vaults can be found here:

Network Usage Snapshot

Total network activity correct as of 30th may 2021:

  • Number of standard transactions = 149,538 
  • Number of XHV<>xUSD conversions = 5,900 
  • Number of xAsset transactions = 746 
  • Number of xAsset conversions = 1,792
  • Sum of XHV<>xUSD conversions = $158,584,270 
  • Sum of xAsset conversions = $182,671,737
  • Total Network Value (TNV) = $170 Million

Edge Wallet Integration

Integration with Edge wallet is ongoing but has been paused whilst dev focus is on completing the THORChain work. We’ll keep everyone updated as this progresses.


PR and Editorial

This is a primary focus, to which we have assigned a significant budget. This budget will enable us to engage with a crypto-specialized PR agency (80% complete) and procure our own database of circa 7,000 relevant influencers and journalists as part of a PR and media campaign (95% complete).

Paid Media

We’re working with various crypto centric media outlets on the production of sponsored articles and features in podcasts and on YouTube.

THORChain Launch

We have been working with the THORChain team and we’re getting ready for launch when the integration is complete. This will be the first opportunity to run with a strong PR and Media plan.

Miami Bitcoin Conference

An advertising truck will be in the vicinity of the Miami Bitcoin conference showing the #nomore1984 video and some Crazy Miner animations on the 5th of June for four hours and the 6th June for five hours. Props to Agno$ticCucumber, xTCM,  xDougieWatts, and the xChads for making this happen.


Conversion is key to growth. The getting started guides are now live on the website, giving more support to anyone looking to invest in Haven. See (Haven Guides), the objective is to remove friction and improve the onboarding.

This section is being expanded to include deep dives into key areas of the project. 

The Knowledge Base has been updated, and will continue to improve now that MadLentil is full time.

User Insight

To enable a better understanding of HAVEN holders and their preference, a survey will be launched next week.


As always it’s been a great month for community growth and project contributions.

After several months of building, one of Haven’s long term community members @dougiewatts launched a new network analysis tool. It combines an indepth network usage website with real time stats as well as a p2p xUSD trading tool. You can find it here:

Social media channels continue to grow rapidly with over 2000 new Twitter followers bringing it to over 18k as well as 8k+ Discord members. The community has also been busy working with our new marketing team member @jonnyU to produce video, audio and scripts for upcoming marketing drives.

As always, many thanks to everyone for getting involved and supporting the project.

We’re also pleased to have two new Discord community members come onboard as Community Managers to help out with guiding new users and supporting and organising the community’s views to help drive the project forward, so welcome and thankyou to @kleinroy and @xZaB.

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