Haven Guides

Getting Started

1. Create a Vault

As with any other blockchain technology, your account and assets are stored on the blockchain. Your Haven Vault is your key to access your assets. You have a number of vault choices.

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2. Buy Haven

XHV and xUSD can be purchased from various cryptocurrency exchanges. This process is simple and usually requires you to buy BTC or USDT first and exchange this for XHV or xUSD.

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3. Move Funds into Your Vault

Move XHV, xUSD, or xAssets into your own private and secure Haven Vault and gain full control.

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How to Convert to xAssets

Haven enables you to convert between it’s assets within its ecosystem.

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Project Overview

Haven Protocol provides holders with the opportunity to store value within the privacy of the Haven Vault.

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Deep Dive

About xUSD

With close to 6000 cryptocurrency projects it is increasingly difficult to find unique and useful products: Enter xUSD, the closest thing to a true digital cash.

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Haven 2.0

Haven 2.0 is now live on mainnet following on from a codebase overhaul, security audits and conversion fee updates. Read all the details in our blog post.

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Why we should expect privacy

Privacy only makes a real difference if it is made integral to our daily lives and to do that successfully it requires the majority of a population to demand it. 

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