Project Update – Feb 2021


It’s been another month of building for a private financial future. We’ve had lots of work going on towards launching two upcoming major project milestones: xAssets and ThorChain integration. More details on these below.

xAsset Testnet

Testnet is ongoing for xAsset integration. We’re currently testing with a small control group of team and community members to allow for easier bug tracking. Once we’re close to a release candidate, we’ll be opening the testnet to a more extensive user base before announcing a hard fork date.

We are currently testing multi-asset functionality using the CLI vault to confirm the following:

  • XHV <> xUSD conversions
  • xUSD <> xAsset conversions
  • xAsset transfers
  • Switching on asset oracle price feeds 
  • Daemon transactions processing and performance
  • Checking conversion rates against price feed
  • Adding assets without the need for a fork

The final item above is one of the most critical aspects of development in future-proofing and building Haven’s network. We have successfully tested adding additional xAssets to the network without the requirement for a hard fork. 

This reduces network risk considerably and eliminates the need for coordinating mining pools and exchanges for frequent protocol upgrades.

Once debugging is complete for this stage, we will add a new fee structure for testing alongside the multiple assets.

Multi-asset Explorer update

The network explorer has undergone an update in preparation for multiple xAssets to show real-time feeds for all live assets’ circulating supply. You can view the testnet version here:

NOTE: The assets shown are for testing purposes only and will not necessarily be included in mainnet launch

Desktop and web vault updates for xAssets

Work is ongoing to update the core code in the web and desktop vaults in preparation for the integration of xAssets. Once complete, they will be tested as part of the ongoing testnet.

Ledger Integration

Work is ongoing for the Ledger integration, and we’ll share more news as this progresses.

ThorChain Integration

Thor’s team has successfully modified the Asgard vault for the CryptoNote protocol.

Both teams are now working side by side to put the pieces together & start testing.

Haven Debit Card

We have partnered with Ternio to offer a Haven xUSD debit card on the BlockCard platform.

Subscribers will have access to a physical debit card that pulls funds directly from their xUSD vault. The fully-featured card enables instant transaction, ATM withdrawals, cash transfers, and Apple, Google or Samsung Pay support. 

How will it work? 

To get started, you will need to register, deposit funds and KYC to receive your card. A virtual card will be available instantly via the app. You will be able to apply in April, but you will be able to pre-register interest on a new Haven Card website very soon. We’ll update everyone as soon as registration is open.

WooCommerce plugin testing

Final testing is ongoing to get the plugin finished off, and we have applied to WordPress to have it approved.

New Knowledge Base content

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