The current list of places you can buy and sell XHV, xUSD and other xAssets. Check back regularly for updates as Haven’s assets get added to more platforms.

TradeOgre (no KYC)

Supporting Haven since 2018, offering
USDT & BTC trading pairs for XHV & xUSD.

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CoinEx (KYC)

Hong Kong-based exchange with XHV-BTC and XHV-USDT pairs.

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XeggeX (no KYC)

Community funded listing, offering XHV-BTC and XHV-USDT pairs.

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NonKYC Exchange

Supporting USDT, BTC and XMR trading pairs for both, XHV and xUSD.

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Seven Seas Exchange (no KYC)

New exchange supporting the XHV/BTC pair.
Low volume.

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The first exchange and LP platform built around the Haven network.

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