Haven is currently funded through our Crowdfunding initiative, the HCC.

Q2 2024

Tokenomics update – Slippage

Slippage is a model which emulates markets by burning a certain amount of coins when converting between assets. This would be similar to the slippage incurred when buying or selling on exchanges. You can read more about slippage here, which includes some examples of its implementation, but this hasn’t been finalised yet.

STATUS: The Economics Working Group (EWG) is currently working on Slippage and tokenomics.

Q1 2024

GUI development

The GUI is currently being updated, which will include many bug fixes like connection and sync issues.

STATUS: Development is in its final stage.

Q3 2023

Complete: Rebase to Monero v0.18.1.2

This update to the codebase includes a range of bug fixes and improvements including P2Pool support, as well as changes to the tokenomics, which will relax some of the conversion restrictions.

STATUS: Live on mainnet. Hard Fork was completed on August 29th, 2023.

ON HOLD: Governance Structure Formation

A community governance workgroup has been formed and is actively discussing the formation of a decentralized project governance structure. The proposal is based on a Haven Council with multiple committees and working groups. This will be essential for the long term security and growth of the project, giving the entire community the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to its development. You can read the latest blog post here and feel free to reach out and get involved.

STATUS: The Haven Oversight Committee (HOC) has been set up, and now awaiting formation of the Haven Steering Committee (HSC), followed by specific working groups.

ON HOLD: Embassy Node Integration

It is planned to have an integration on a standalone device for running a Haven node. The aim is to help get as many people running Haven nodes 24/7 to work towards decentralizing and securing the network.

STATUS: v0.3 has now been released but requires re-working of the app to enable the integration of XHV.

ON HOLD: Edge Wallet Integration

Edge is a Bitcoin wallet that supports multiple currencies and the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies from within the wallet itself. Integration work is ongoing to add Haven to Edge.

STATUS: Development work is ongoing.

Q1 2023

Complete: Haven 3.0 Implementation

Haven 3.0 is the next major development for Haven, which aims to provide a safer and more robust protocol.
Final tokenomics proposal can be viewed here.

STATUS: Live on mainnet. Hard Fork was completed on January 9th, 2023.

Q2 2022

Complete: Flux Integration

Haven will be moving some of its project infrastructure over to FluxNodes. They are a 3-tier decentralized network of incentivized computing power that will help strengthen the project infrastructure by reducing centralization. FluxNodes will provide additional resources for the Haven network, such as hosting the web vault, vault nodes, paper wallet and explorer. For more information see: ​​​​​​​

STATUS: The web vault, vault nodes, explorer and paper wallet are now live on Fluxnodes.

Q1 2022

Complete: Cake Wallet

The Cake team are integrating Haven into their multi-coin (XMR, BTC & LTC) wallet for the storage of XHV, xUSD and all xAssets. This will give Haven users further options to store their coins on mobile devices and will be available for Apple and Android.

STATUS: This integration is now complete and available for download on iOS and Android devices

Complete: Tokenomics Updates

Following on from several weeks of discussion by a community economics working group as well as a community vote, we have implemented some changes to the fees and unlock times for conversions. This has gone live on mainnet as of Feb 9th. 

The following now applies to fees and lock times:

Conversion typeFeeUnlock Time
XHV to xUSD0.5%~21 days
xUSD to XHV0.5%~12 hours
xUSD <> xAssets0.5%~48 hours

We have also removed the advantage from the delta (difference) between the MA and spot price to reduce the incentive for manipulation. This is explained in full in our blog post here

In addition we are also pleased to announce the implementation of an improved change unlock feature that greatly reduces the time taken for users ‘change’ to be returned to their live balance. You can read all the details on this here

STATUS: Live on mainnet

Q4 2021

Complete: Update website design and content

As a result of a recent community survey we had overwhelming support for updating the look and content of the Haven Protocol website. Many felt it would benefit the project if we targeted a more mainstream approach to help with our growth and adoption phase. As a result we have partnered with the team at Edge to provide us with a complete redesign as well as decentralised hosting services.


Q3 2021

Complete: Codebase Update and Security Audits

As a result of the recent exploits we are undertaking a major overhaul and update to the Haven codebase. Once complete we will be contracting multiple experts in crypto security and Monero to carry out thorough auditing of all aspects of the offshore (conversion) code. This will include additional validation written by the Haven developers to prevent any future attempts at manipulating the asset conversion process. An overhaul of RingCT Proofs adds a 2nd layer to the conversion validations that blocks any attempt at manipulation of the fees or mint & burn data.

Further details can be read in our blog with more information to follow as we progress here

You can read the Technical Analysis and Haven 2.0 Security Audit from Cypher Stack here

STATUS: This is now complete.

Complete: xAsset Conversion Functionality

One of the major steps to restoring full network functionality will be to reinstate xAsset conversions in the vault. This will be carried out following extensive codebase updates, reviews and 3rd party audits.

STATUS: Haven 2.0 is live and conversions have been re-enabled on Haven’s mainnet.

Complete: Implement Bug Bounty Program

With the adoption and growth phase ongoing it has become more important to get as many eyes on the project as possible. Arguably the most important aspect of this are the external code reviews to ensure the recent exploits cannot be repeated. As well as the formal audits, and due to the fact that the codebase development is continuous, it is essential that we have an ongoing testing, monitoring and auditing process, and a part of this is our new Bug Bounty Program.

The program will give the project a defined process by which anyone can report bugs, the team/devs can process and action the necessary steps to fix them and importantly a flexible structure by which people can be rewarded for their valuable input into the project. The process will be refined over time to suit the project’s needs as it grows and moves to a more decentralised structure.

STATUS: Published and live. Details can be found here

Complete: Update to Fee structure

Following on from the launch of the 2nd phase of xAssets to mainnet and after several weeks of network monitoring we have made the decision to update the fee structure for xUSD <> xAsset conversions.

The revised fee structure will be as follows:

  • 48hr (1440 block) unlock time on xAssets
  • 0.5% fee split as follows:
    • 80% (0.4%) gets burnt to reduce inflationary impact
    • 0.05% goes to miners
    • 0.05% goes to governance wallet for project costs

STATUS: Live on Haven 2.0 mainnet.

Q2 2021

Complete: Additional xAssets

Following on from the launch of the first phase of xAssets being launched to mainnet we have now launched the next phase to mainnet. You can now store and transact in xGBP, xJPY, xCHF, xAUD and xBTC (Bitcoin). The full list of assets can be found here:

Complete: Website upgrades

Enhanced landing pages will be added to the website, to educate new users and provide simple getting started guides for vaults, exchanges and the protocol.

STATUS: This is complete with new deep dives, knowledge base content and a THORChain knowledge Hub being added. Further content will be added over time.

Q1 2021

Complete: Multi-Asset Integration

Coding work is ongoing for this important part of the project. Once the testnet is completed we will be conducting a fork to launch the first phase of xAssets including Gold, Silver, Euro and Chinese Yuan. These were chosen as the most well known and traded commodities as well as two of the most widely used fiat currencies outside of the US Dollar. This will assist with expanding the network and providing greater utility to users. 

Once these are live on mainnet we will then be able to look at further xAssets and will consult with the wider community on this. Because of the coloured coin implementation, we will be able to add virtually any asset to the network as long as the protocol can pull a secure, reliable and decentralised price feed then it could be included. Stocks, commodities and a range of indices could be added as well as the potential for user customisable portfolios.

Complete: Polarity Exchange Integration

Integration work is ongoing for adding an XHV/USDT trading pair to the Polarity Exchange. This is expected to be completed in Jan 2021 and we will keep everyone updated on progress. It will provide many benefits to users including:

  • No KYC
  • Your keys:Your coins
  • Low Fees of $0.01 per trade
  • Liquidity mechanisms to ensure fast trade execution

Q4 2020

Complete: Upgrade codebase to Monero v0.16 ‘Nitrogen Nebula’

As part of our ongoing codebase improvements we will be upgrading to Monero v.016. This makes several improvements to the protocol with full details here:

Rebasing to v0.16 also allows us to re-release the web vault with xUSD functionality.

Complete: Web Vault with xUSD functionality

Once the rebase to v0.16 is complete it will enable us to re-release the Web Vault with xUSD functionality. This is another important step forward for the project as it allows a simple to use interface to be used on any device including mobile, tablets and computer without the need for lengthy sync times or in-depth technical knowledge.

Complete: Haven Knowledge Base

We are in the process of building a brand new resource allowing everyone access to regularly updated project information all in one place. Once complete it will be accessible on the Haven website and will include a wide range of information including:

  • Desktop, Web and CLI Vault guides
  • Comprehensive FAQs
  • Glossary of common terms used in the Haven project
  • RPC guide
  • THORChain knowledge Hub

This resource will be an ongoing development and we encourage all community members to contribute with suggestions for content.

Q3 2020

Complete: Release of new Desktop Vaults

After being refined since beginning of the year, the new Desktop Vaults are released for the public to use on XHV mainnet. All functions to transfer, exchange, and mine assets, are implemented in a superior user friendly package for use on all major platforms.

Complete: Launch of xUSD on Mainnet

The world’s first private stablecoin xUSD goes live on Haven at block 640640 on July 20th 2020. The future of financial privacy has begun.

Complete: Release of Network Analysis Tool for the Haven Ecosystem

To monitor the health of the Haven ecosystem and to see real-time updates regarding supply of both XHV and xUSD, a network analysis tool is being developed. This should enable everybody to learn about the state of the ecosystem regardless of technical background.

Q2 2020

Complete: “Cracking the xUSD Code”

After extensive analysis the overall security and performance of the solution was deemed unsatisfactory and a major overhaul and redesign of the code is carried out by the development team. To ensure long term success, a proof-of-value mechanism is researched, developed, and implemented. Testing the new solution is being carried out on stagenet.

Complete: xUSD Source Code Release

After one year of development the xUSD code intended for use on the Haven network is released as open source to the public for review.

Q1 2020

Complete: Public Release of the xUSD Stagenet

Utilizing a newly designed Desktop Vault to interface with Haven stagenet, the exchange functions between XHV and xUSD are made available to public testing and review. The ongoing use and edge case testing provide valuable insights for refining both the Desktop Vault and the Haven Daemon.

Complete: Finishing the new Haven Daemon

A new version of the Haven Daemon backend is released to accommodate the visibility of variable coin supply and prepare for further additions of xAssets. Learnings from xUSD stagenet are integrated and will lead to further refinements in development.

Complete: Integration of the Chainlink Oracle

While initially planned as a future network upgrade, Chainlink’s services are now used for the mainnet launch of Haven’s first private stablecoin, xUSD. This integration is an important step towards the goal of decentralization and censorship resistance and reinforces Haven’s commitment to private decentralized finance.

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