Q1 2020


Public Release of the xUSD Stagenet

Utilizing a newly designed Desktop Vault to interface with Haven stagenet, the exchange functions between XHV and xUSD are made available to public testing and review. The ongoing use and edge case testing provide valuable insights for refining both the Desktop Vault and the Haven Daemon.


Finishing the new Haven Daemon

A new version of the Haven Daemon backend is released to accommodate the visibility of variable coin supply and prepare for further additions of xAssets. Learnings from xUSD stagenet are integrated and will lead to further refinements in development.


Integration of the Chainlink Oracle

While initially planned as a future network upgrade, Chainlink’s services are now used for the mainnet launch of Haven’s first private stablecoin, xUSD. This integration is an important step towards the goal of decentralization and censorship resistance and reinforces Haven’s commitment to private decentralized finance.

Q2 2020


“Cracking the xUSD Code”

After extensive analysis the overall security and performance of the solution was deemed unsatisfactory and a major overhaul and redesign of the code is carried out by the development team. To ensure long term success, a proof-of-value mechanism is researched, developed, and implemented. Testing the new solution is being carried out on stagenet.


xUSD Source Code Release

After one year of development the xUSD code intended for use on the Haven network is released as open source to the public for review.

Q3 2020


Release of new Desktop Vaults

After being refined since beginning of the year, the new Desktop Vaults are released for the public to use on XHV mainnet. All functions to transfer, exchange, and mine assets, are implemented in a superior user friendly package for use on all major platforms.


Launch of xUSD on Mainnet

The world’s first private stablecoin xUSD goes live on Haven at block 640640 on July 20th 2020. The future of financial privacy has begun.


Release of Data Analysis Dashboard for the Haven Ecosystem

To monitor the health of the Haven ecosystem and to see real-time updates regarding supply of both XHV and xUSD, a data analysis dashboard is being developed. This should enable everybody to learn about the state of the ecosystem regardless of technical background. The XHV data analysis dashboard will be released in Q3 2020.

Ongoing Developments


Hardware Vaults

Hardware wallets are viewed as the most secure interface to interact with cryptocurrencies. In light of this, the integration of XHV and xUSD into hardware wallets is a top priority for Haven’s development. The first platform used will be Ledger, if it enables all functionalities needed for Haven sufficiently. As this is an ongoing development no deadline has been set for completion.


Mobile Vaults

Mobile wallets offer a secure interface to access cryptocurrencies. While the Web Vault is optimized for mobile devices, standalone wallets are preferred by some users. To enable maximum adoption of xUSD and coming xAssets, development effort will be directed to create Mobile Vaults for native use on Android and iOS. As this is an ongoing development no deadline has been set for completion.


Additional xAssets

After evaluation of the xUSD launch on Haven’s mainnet, integration of the next xAsset (or xAssets) will begin. This will enable further xAssets linked to fiat currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, to be minted by burning XHV. The decision on how this will be done, selection of assets and activation sequence, will be decided after analysis of the xUSD mainnet launch and use. The community favourite xGOLD is a likely candidate as first additional xAsset. As this is an ongoing development no deadline has been set for completion.


Listing XHV and xUSD on High Volume Exchanges

As a first step to improve liquidity for the Haven ecosystem a focus is set on getting XHV and xUSD listed on high volume centralized exchanges. Decentralized exchanges will also be implemented if and when they prove to be viable and secure. Specific listings for exchanges will be announced once confirmed.


Integration of Additional Oracles

To increase resiliency of the Haven Ecosystem, integration of additional oracle services will be pursued continuously. Specific integrations will be announced in due time.