Haven is a decentralized community-driven project, and the Haven Community Crowdfunding (HCC) is a way for members to get involved and fund project development.

Completed tasks

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List of proposed tasks

Web and Desktop GUI app development

The GUI apps have a number of bugs, which affects syncing, connections and creating transactions.

Funding required: $3,000
Raised: $3,000
Status: Work in progress.


Slippage is the next stage in Haven’s tokenomics development.
The Economics Working Group (EWG) will be preparing a detailed proposal, which will be announced and linked here once it’s ready.

Funding required: $20,000
Raised: $20,000
Status: Fully funded. Awaiting start.

Surplus funds

Any additional funds raised will be used for the next development task, once it has been published.

Funds raised so far: $520

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Completed tasks

Exchange listing – XeggeX

XeggeX is a centralized exchange that specialises in small to medium-sized assets. It’s KYC free for withdrawals of up to $2000 per day (at the time or writing).

The listing fee is a one-off payment of $2500 for two markets (BTC and USDT), and an additional $1000 for market making ($500 for each pair). Although the market making is optional, it is recommended in the initial stages of the listing to provide trading volume.

Once the listing fee of $2500 has been raised, the listing request will be submitted. Additional funds raised will be used for the market making application.

Update: XHV has been listed with the following markets:

Funding required: $3,500
Raised: $3,500
Status: Completed on 21 December 2023.

Rebase to Monero v0.18.2.2

This is an important security update identified by Monero as detailed here.

Funding required: $7,500
Raised: $7,500
Status: Completed on 31 October 2023 under version 3.3.2.

Invalid Input bug

This is an intermittent bug that can occur during transactions.
Although this doesn’t pose a security risk, it does prevent some transactions to be committed.

Funding required: $9,000
Raised: $9,000
Status: Completed on 26 September 2023 under version 3.3.1.

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