Future Project Plans

Economic modelling and analysis

We are continuing discussions within the Economics workgroup to further refine and enhance the protocol’s core functions with regards to the tokenomics.

STATUS: This is an ongoing process. The community working group are actively discussing potential updates to Haven’s economic model follwing on from the collapse of Terra/UST.

Hardware wallet Integration

Integration into the Ledger hardware wallets remains on the priority list for the project. This will be an important option for users and we are looking at ways to get this completed. Significant dev work is still required to complete this.

STATUS: Ongoing. This development will be opened up as a bounty task for anyone who is able to complete the work.

Network Hashrate and Mining Algorithm

Monitoring of the network hashrate is an ongoing concern for the project and we are looking at potential mining algorithm changes to help with this and other potential issues.

STATUS: Several community members with expertise in mining are discussing potential algo changes.

Launch Haven Improvement Program (HIP)

As part of the decentralisation plan we will set-up a framework to formalise community input on governance, bug bounties, assets and products, integrations etc.

STATUS: A crowdsourcing section for the website is being worked on before going live. This will initially be in beta as we develop additional features from community input/feedback.

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