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Announcing the Haven Foundation

The Haven Foundation will be located in the Cayman Islands, a legal jurisdiction that has favorable regulations towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

Haven Publishes Core Protocol 3.0 White Paper 

In order to introduce Haven to new users and platforms all over the world, today we are publishing a major revision to Haven’s white paper. This is the second announcement made during Haven’s multi-week “Announcement Season”, following yesterday’s introducing of…

Haven Announces July 20th xUSD Launch Details

We’re excited to share additional details about the hard fork process that will be used to launch the world’s first private stablecoin, xUSD, on July 20th. Today we published the mainnet release code to enable xUSD functionality on Haven’s network. Haven’s Apollo…

Haven Launching xUSD on July 20th

The Haven team is thrilled to announce we will launch the first private stablecoin, xUSD, on Haven’s mainnet on July 20, 2020. Below are some additional details about the launch of xUSD that we’d like to share: The launch will…

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