Haven Contributors


  • 20+ years commercial software development
  • Multiple tech startups
  • Dev experience in Fortran, C, C++, PHP, Javascript etc
  • BSc Hons Mathematics


  • Dedicated full stack software architect and developer
  • 20+ years development experience in X86 Assembler, C++, Java, PHP and Javascript, 
  • Past 17 years designing and building cryptographic software.

Pierre Lafitte– Senior Product Designer and Frontend Developer.

Marty– Marty is a front end developer with experience in a multitude of frameworks.

mattyk– Project Delivery

Goshiz– Project Infrastructure

AHawk– Marketing and Social Media

rarecommons– Economics

Madlentil– Content

Akil– c++ Protocol Developer

JonnyU– Marketing and Growth

All long term supporters, they bring a range of experience to the project.

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