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Core Team

Dweab – Project Lead

  • 20+ years commercial software development
  • Multiple tech startups
  • Dev experience in Fortran, C, C++, PHP, Javascript etc
  • BSc Hons Mathematics

Neac – Protocol Lead

  • Dedicated full stack software architect and developer
  • 20+ years development experience in X86 Assembler, C++, Java, PHP and Javascript, 
  • Past 17 years designing and building cryptographic software.

Pierre Lafitte – Product Lead

Senior Product Designer and Frontend Developer. Has spent the last two years building DeFi products within the Ethereum Ecosystem and is creating all the user journeys and UI’s in the Haven product portfolio.

Marty – Frontend Lead

Marty is a front end developer with experience in a multitude of frameworks, and brings this expertise to support the Haven wallets and website.

Contributing Team

mattyk– Project Delivery

Goshiz– Project Infrastructure

AHawk– Marketing and Social Media

rarecommons– Economics

Madlentil– Communications

Akil– Junior c++ Protocol Developer

JonnyU– Marketing and Growth

All long term supporters of the project, they bring a range of experience to the team.

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